Wednesday, December 21, 2011

209 days since my last post... And now a little 2 year break...

I'm off to a 2 year mission to Ukraine! Sorry I haven't updated my blog, here's a few things that i've done that I kind of liked in no particular order, and a few higher res renders.. I spent about 3 days and was able to do a few small improvements to my pirate lego man before I stopped to prepare for my mission, here's the latest render. I really wish I could have finished this guy, because it still has a long ways to go but it's a little bit better than before. I'll be back at it again in two years! Thanks for checking it all out! <3

lego guy paint over, back when i was trying to design the textures
mic for butcher'd meats, i textured and shaded (high res)
stool i textured and shaded (high res)
I got a great critique on this one from thee one and only Sam Nielson.
Evil Mr. Incredible- quickie
my version of venom, quickie 

Paper Bag for Butcher'd Meats and Diffuse Texture Map

Crowd Character I textured and Skin and hair map below

And here's some figures from last spring...

longest blog post of my life haha be backkk in 2 :)